At the Hub of Amman, Cantina Restaurant and Cafe offers an impressive mix of conversation, fresh food and world favours throughout the day!

The Stylish Coffee

A cup of coffee lasts only a moment, but it is that moment that makes your day better.

Best Quality

It becomes harder for us to give others a hand. We get our heart broken by people we love.

Awesome Design

As we live, our hearts turn colder. Cause pain is what we go through as we become older.

Fast Development

We’re not always in the position that we want to be at. We’re constantly growing.

Super Fresh

When we lose family over time. What else could rust the heart more over time? Blackgold.

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+962 786 271 521
Mon - Fri, 8:00-22:00

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Wahib Al-Afyouni st.,
7th Circle,